Saturday, 21 February 2009

jamila walker - craven arms/church stretton, uk

Photographer Jamila Walker has been out and about with her magnet and camera.

"I took the magnet to Craven Arms, which I previously thought was a horrid town, but discovered a fantastic museum, 'Land of the lost content' and a great vintage clothes shop as well as the Iron hut (featured in the photos).
The other photographs are from a cafe in Church Stretton, they do wonderful Spanish hot chocolate. This cafe was one of the first places my boyfriend and I went when we got some wheels."

Monday, 16 February 2009

daron stoker - chiang mai, thailand

The first magnet to get over the ocean to Asia! Daron Stoker has sent in his beauty spot in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Fantastic!

Sunday, 15 February 2009

caroline twidle - immingham, uk

Artist Caroline Twidle (co-curator of Cut-Click) has been out and about with her magnet.
Her beauty spot is a park which she visited as a child.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

felicity ford - reading, uk 2

Felicity Ford has sent in another fantastic image - it seems the snow is providing new images of beauty, and helping to underline that which may usually be overlooked.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

anna hindocha - london, uk

This is a really beautiful submission from photographer Anna Hindocha. Click Here to go to her blog and see the photographs from her forthcoming book 'The People's City.'
Anna says: "The photo is taken in Loughborough Junction, London.
It is generally thought to be quite an unbeautiful place but I have always
loved the effect of these lights, and in this week's snow it was even more

felicity ford - reading, uk 1

Artist Felicity Ford has sent in her images of beauty from around Reading. Felicity has included 'There Is Beauty In the City' project in her exhibition and event 'Love Is Awesome' which opens on Valentines Day in Reading. Click Here to go to her site for more info on the exhibition and an interesting critique of this project. Here are Felicity's Awesome beauty spots.1. The swans live on the canal which I walk along to reach town. They have a tendency to flock in large numbers and I find the sound of them splashing in the water and the spectacle of them jostling one another very beautiful. Sometimes they float gracefully - like a flotilla of swans - down the canal. At other points they appear to bicker and squabble and bother one another. I love to see them.
2. These pipes sound amazing. Also near the canal I am not certain what happens in the pipes, but I am always intrigued by the gentle sounds emanating from them. So this image really I suppose relates more to sonic beauty or interest than visual beauty.

3. This painting is near the cattle market and old abattoir of Reading. For 3 and a half years of driving to visit my partner in Reading, I would always glimpse the striking cow painting from the ring road, and eventually a few months ago I went along specifically to photograph it. I think this painting is beautiful and I love how it relates to the history and context of its location.