Sunday, 20 December 2009

emma little - birmingham, uk

artist emma little has sent in this image...

" I'd just like to say that this image is an homage to the assemblage style sculpture of early avant-garde artists like Picasso. The simple act of improvisation in this image is what I find interesting in this picture, as well as a possible conceptual edge...the Barber Institute? This magnet is in there somewhere...zoom may be required! (p.s. it wasn't my bike!) "

Sunday, 13 December 2009

jen cantwell - inverness, uk

thanks to jen cantwell for...

I live in Inverness, I took these today when I was walking along the Caledonian canal, it was very very icy, all the spiderwebs were frozen. The Caledonian canal cuts through Inverness and i took these right at the end of it where it meets the Beauly Firth.

rich white - london, uk

this one is of the famous victorian bridge over Archway Road (A1) from artist rich white.
click here to see more of rich's work.

Friday, 11 December 2009

susana lopez fernandez - berlin, germany 4

the next instalment of susana lopez fernandez's berliner photofest is in. five images which each give us an architectural insight into her view of a great city and as a precursor, some text from susana and music to set her scene.

"It is difficult to forget that day twenty years ago. Now I know that day was my birthday, I remember my mother crying at home, she was excited, I was not able to understand what was happening, I did not know anything about communism or cold war, I just remember I thought I had to study the capital of Germany again. Later they started to sell fragments of the wall... and so twenty years passed, like a tango, and last monday, 9th of november, again one day before my birthay, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the wall fa

And maybe how Gardel sings "20 aƱos no es nada" ...... and my aim with this project is to study the city of Berlin. I would like to talk through pictures about the integration between the East and the West following German reunification in 1990.

I would like to talk about the integration of these two worlds, about what the consequences of the wall were and what the daily life in the city has been like in the last twenty years. The aim of my projects is to describe through pictures the remains of the eastern Berlin city. I would like to talk through pictures about the two cities I have in my mind: East and West."






emma thackham - liverpool, uk

photographer emma thackham has submitted three images from in and around liverpool's metropolitan cathedral.


scribbled prayer

white gate

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

susana lopez fernandez - berlin, germany 3

the prolific beauty in the city member that is susana lopez fernandez has sent some more berlin images...

mauer 2



iain macleod-brudenell - newark, uk

some surrealist beauty from iain macleod-brudenell

Monday, 7 December 2009

november beauty of the month

selected as the photo of the month for november is "jigs tools & dies" sent in by iris bertz.

kamila szuba - warszawa, poland

the beginning of her beauty odyssey sent in by kamila szuba from warsaw


Sunday, 6 December 2009

susana lopez fernandez - berlin, germany 2

more beauty from berlin, thanks to susana lopez fernandez





helen kenna - bury, uk

domestic beauty from helen kenna in bury

susana lopez fernandez - berlin, germany 1

thanks to susana lopez fernandez for her images of berlin
see more of her work at