Sunday, 29 November 2009

iris bertz - birmingham, uk

thanks to iris bertz for her pictures, taken in and around birmingham's jewellery quarter.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

lester kong - stoke-on-trent, uk 3

thanks to lester kong for this entry from stoke-on-trent

bin night, my back alley

sophie gibson - liverpool, uk

sophie gibson is the first of the new era " urban beauticians" to submit images, a personal insight into her liverpool.

the magnet is placed "on a back door of my old uni"

on a side street wall

"part of the wall we queued against numerous times to see amazing bands at the Liverpool Barfly"

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

what you get when you apply

hey - so when you apply, you'll receive this postcard along with the "there is beauty in the city" magnet, which obviously is designed to stick to metal, but can also be blu-tacked, sellotaped, glued or simply propped to/against any surface within your frame of beauty. just email your name and address to and i'll get a pack sent asap.

we're back - bigger, bolder and more beautiful than ever

hey everyone - where have we been? well...after some months of financial headaches, trauma and despair(!!!) the "there is beauty in the city" project is back, and promising to be more beautiful than ever.

a quick recap...

It is a very simple idea - on the walk I have my camera and my magnets, which say 'THERE IS BEAUTY IN THE CITY' and that is precisely what I am looking for, and I know it when I see it. The only specification for placing the magnets is a metal surface - so as long as there is something to be noticed and a metal surface I can make my intervention - placing the magnet.

The project originates from Stoke-on-Trent, England, by the artist Anna Francis. It is a simple idea, and anyone can join in - so be sure to invite your friends to join: all you need to do is get your hands on one of the magnets, then you go into the city (it doesn't matter which City) and identify areas of the city that you think are beautiful, then simply photograph your magnet in situ, and send the photo in to (Please save the image as a jpg - no more than 2mb).

Come and join in - we look forward to seeing your ideas of beauty!

The original magnet size is 90mm X 52mm - so you can resize this one if you want to or just print it out from here. Join the search for beauty - place your sign, then take a photograph of it - you can email me the results, with your name and where the photograph was taken, and I will add it here.

All submissions will be displayed here on the blog, but we are also investigating other exhibiting possibilities, so watch this space for more news, as well as images of urban beauty.

You can get your magnet by emailing your address to the administrator Glen Stoker at and he will send you one; alternatively, you can download the template from the blog and print out your own 'There is Beauty' Sign: improvise on ways to display it: ideas so far have included taping it to a paintbrush, or using blu tak to stick it somewhere.