Saturday, 31 July 2010

yvonne lo - hong kong

the run of hong kong images continues with these evocative watery urban views courtesy of yvonne lo...

The photos are my favorite spost of the city, in Ap Lei Chau of Hong Kong, a place that is surrounded by sea. The container vessels and fishing boats are there all the time. The shooting place is from Ap Lei Chau, an island that has a bridge connected to the Hong Kong Island. The background island is Lamma Island.

jane howie - stoke-on-trent, uk

artist and keen photographer jane howie has sent in the following images from stoke-on-trent

Walking down from the cultural quarter in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent I noticed these flowers growing through the tarmac inside the constructor's fences round the building of the new Mosque. I love the conquering of man-made constructions by nature - especially in the heart of the City.

Hanley Park in Stoke-on-Trent is beautiful - a real jewel in the city.
These moon daises in the park struck me on 27th June during Common Ground

chloe arrowsmith - stoke-on-trent, uk

chloe arrowsmith has sent in the following images and some text that serves as a reminder that sometimes our idea of beauty is right under our noses...

I'm originally from Stoke - On-Trent, I've lived in quite a few cities over the years and in all honesty, I always really fought against coming back to live here - mainly because I had studied art and couldn't foresee a future here at all. In the end I did move back to Stoke, and have now been back for several years, I began to realise there were many, many great things about this city, which I always, quite shamefully, overlooked. It's vibrant, and full of interesting and inspiring people, and has many places of Beauty, conventional, and not so conventional! The pictures were taken on my regular walk to Red Street Monument, just off the Talke Road, where I live. It always amazes me how close I am to the hustle of the A500 and A34, and yet, just 10 minutes away - I 'm here - an amazing spot, with beautiful views, and a very special atmposphere - I always seem to have my most random, and important thoughts!

Monday, 26 July 2010

juan a. lópez martín - gijón, spain

so with only a few days to go until the second instalment of the beauty in the city exhibition story, it is really appropriate to post these images taken in gijón by Juan A. López Martín.

the exhibition will open on friday 30th july at the ezcurdia_30 gallery in beautiful gijon and will be showing all of the images submitted so far. special mention must go to susana lopez fernandez who has been the indispensable reason for the project's spanish foray. both anna francis and myself are really pleased and impressed that susana has invested so much faith and time in the project and has worked so hard to secure a beautiful gallery space as well as being a marketing wonder. this project can only ever be as successful as the commitment of the contributors allows it to be and with supporters like susana, we are sure to go from strength to strength.

susana has started a new project borne out of the many hours we spend in airports. like "beauty in the city" it is a collaborative project, inviting us to send our airport pics in. it looks great and is well worth a look.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

wong wo bik - hong kong

wong wo bik has sent in this urban view of her hong kong.

This spot is not particular beautiful but it is a point of departure between quietness and hustle and bustle of the city. This spot overlooks the old Lai Yuen Amusement Park which was demolished in 1997.

wai kit lam - hong kong

hong kong visual artist wai kit lam has aptly highlighted her local postal service and presents us with this image and the following explanation.

This is a poster about 'Local Courier Post' of the Hong Kong Post Office. Its efficient service is very famous in the world and sometimes I curious how they work daily. Do they work 24 hours a day? I do think so!!! I live in a city that has no stop, no sleep at all.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

amae - london, uk

this london scene inspired italian art pair AMAE

... this is the view from the pub close to the Wapping Central on the Docklands. Apparently a judge was hanging there some prisoners to torture them and also a famous painter (think is Rubens) was painting the view of the river from the same angle....

Saturday, 10 July 2010

there is beauty in the city... going spanish

exciting images have reached the beauty in the city desk, courtesy of susana lopez fernandez, depicting the posters for the upcoming exhibition in Gijón.

the exhibition starts on 30th july and is showing 14 prints of images submitted by the following beauty in the city contributors:

anna hindocha, ella klenner, emma thackham, felicity ford, iain macleod-brudenell, jen cantwell, jodie cresswell, joshua daniels, julie brixey-williams, siobhan tarr, sophie gibson, susana lopez fernandez and victor angelo.

the show will also include a looped slideshow of all images received so far

so, well done to everyone and a massive thanks for making the project the potential phenomenon it is promising to be.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

ivana rezek - cres, greece

thanks to ivana rezek for this journey through the old town on the island of cres, croatia.