Saturday, 31 July 2010

chloe arrowsmith - stoke-on-trent, uk

chloe arrowsmith has sent in the following images and some text that serves as a reminder that sometimes our idea of beauty is right under our noses...

I'm originally from Stoke - On-Trent, I've lived in quite a few cities over the years and in all honesty, I always really fought against coming back to live here - mainly because I had studied art and couldn't foresee a future here at all. In the end I did move back to Stoke, and have now been back for several years, I began to realise there were many, many great things about this city, which I always, quite shamefully, overlooked. It's vibrant, and full of interesting and inspiring people, and has many places of Beauty, conventional, and not so conventional! The pictures were taken on my regular walk to Red Street Monument, just off the Talke Road, where I live. It always amazes me how close I am to the hustle of the A500 and A34, and yet, just 10 minutes away - I 'm here - an amazing spot, with beautiful views, and a very special atmposphere - I always seem to have my most random, and important thoughts!

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