Friday, 20 August 2010

brutus carniollus - rab, croatia / ljubljana, slovenia

thanks to Brutus Carniollus for these two balkan images

statue of st. Christopher's, the protector of ancient Municipium Arba in rab, croatia

some rooftops in the slovenian capital ljubljana

Sunday, 15 August 2010

teresa leung - hong kong

the beauty in the city magnets seem to be taking hong kong by storm. thanks to teresa leung for these images of her hong kong neighbourhood.

this is a wall near my apartment where i'll pass by daily. it was painted in different colors in the past, but i find this current shade of green most nice-looking so far.

a playground in the area i live. i used to spend time here when i was a kid.

This is a view from a nearby subway station. seldom do we have so many trees in a small area in urban hong kong. This is a real luxury, at least for me.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

paul de-ste-croix-hanson - grimsby, uk

Paul De-Ste-Croix - Hanson has sent in this impressive image from the Corporation Bridge, Freeport Wharf in Grimsby, highlighting a post-industrial plight.

The photo attached (with the magnet in view, although it wasn't too magnetic to the painted cast iron railing) is of the P.S. Lincoln Castle which is currently being dismantled here.
It was one of the 3 paddle steamers that used to run a ferry service across the River Humber (the other two are based away from here, the Tattershall is on the Thames and the Wingfield is in Hartlepool near the maritime museum.) which lasted until the completion of the Humber Bridge in 1981, the Lincoln Castle being recalled in 1978 due to boiler problems. She is currently being demolished as there has been nobody capable / prepared to pay the cast of restoring her. The voyage was something that generations of my family before me enjoyed, in particular my grandparents, as well as the Sunday excursions that were run on these steamers out to Spurn Head and back. As a child I remember being fortunate enough to get the chance to go below decks and explore the engine rooms whilst she was moored off the Alexandra Dock.

times, they are a-changing

hey everybody. the worldwide credit crunch and tory cuts which has already seen the sad demise of the film council uk and is threatening the arts council too, has finally come to bear on there is beauty in the city!

the project has been running for over two years now on a self-funded basis and with the continued success leading to an ever-increasing level of magnet applications, combined with many of these applications coming from abroad along with a sizeable instance of people receiving their magnet packs but, for a variety of reasons failing to return their images, we have come to the conclusion that in order to carry on with the project, we are going to have to introduce a nominal fee for the magnet pack.

the fee is £0.99 for the uk, £1.69 for europe and £2.09 for the rest of the world. the fee is purely to cover the costs of the contents of the magnet pack and the postage to the recipients.

payment can be made through paypal to the address or by going to the ebay listing page as illustrated above

in an ideal world, we wouldn't be doing this. in light of the introduction of this costs charge, we would welcome peoples' feedback on whether a project like this should charge people, even if it is only a small amount, for their participation?

jane o'leary - bristol, uk

jane o' leary has used her magnet to highlight the city's ability to offer spaces of rest and contemplation amongst the hustle and bustle.

This is a picture taken in Castle Park, Bristol. In the 80s and 90s, I worked in various office blocks in the centre of the city and this park was somewhere to retreat to on my own at lunchtime, to get away from the noise. It was a constant relief when everything else kept changing. In summer, I would sit on a bench with my back to the ruined church and breathe in the scent from the herb gardens.

rachel barker - cambridge, uk

sent in by rachel barker

I chose an unlikely spot in Cambridge. With so many iconic and grand buildings in Cambridge sometimes the simple things get overlooked and the heavy ironwork of the sluice gate looked so stark against the snow and blue skies, it seeemed to compete with the architecture of the historic city.