Wednesday, 10 November 2010

igor tosevski - skopje, macedonia thessaloniki, greece paxos, greece

first-time contributor igor tosevski has sent in some evocative images from macedonia and greece.

You could say that this small series of photos is about time and the city - how we see the changes and revolutions of the urban landscape through small, almost insignificant details.

Paxos - a tiny island with the oldest and most twisted olive trees I've ever seen. A serene fishing village harbours a derelict factory settled right at the shore. Neglect and winds have completely eroded the roof so now figs and cypress trees inhabit the haunting premises of what once was a lively structure.

paxos, greece

Skopje is desperately trying to develop into a metropolis. Yet ironically, objects like these wooden mail boxes, remnants from the Socialist era, cuddled together and thoroughly aged with time hold a certain warmth and naivety.
skopje, macedonia

thessaloniki, greece
Thessaloniki - a bustling city. One of the best places to have an espresso by the sea. Traffic is hell but by walking one discovers enchanting layers of history. Some corners in blind alleys have adopted a new makeover. Grafitti language on rusty panels becomes a painting...

thessaloniki, greece

brutus carniollus - zagreb, croatia

brutus carniollus has sent some more images from zagreb.