Monday, 26 July 2010

juan a. lópez martín - gijón, spain

so with only a few days to go until the second instalment of the beauty in the city exhibition story, it is really appropriate to post these images taken in gijón by Juan A. López Martín.

the exhibition will open on friday 30th july at the ezcurdia_30 gallery in beautiful gijon and will be showing all of the images submitted so far. special mention must go to susana lopez fernandez who has been the indispensable reason for the project's spanish foray. both anna francis and myself are really pleased and impressed that susana has invested so much faith and time in the project and has worked so hard to secure a beautiful gallery space as well as being a marketing wonder. this project can only ever be as successful as the commitment of the contributors allows it to be and with supporters like susana, we are sure to go from strength to strength.

susana has started a new project borne out of the many hours we spend in airports. like "beauty in the city" it is a collaborative project, inviting us to send our airport pics in. it looks great and is well worth a look.

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Longhouse said...

This is brilliant Anna. Glad that other people in Europe can see There is Beauty in the City - Karl