Thursday, 13 May 2010

sonja van kerkhoff - leiden, netherlands

artist sonja van kerkhoff has sent in this image...

...and writes
A functional beauty
"Beauty is a human virtue or quality. It is about what we choose to see as much as how we see. So I placed "there is BEAUTY in the city" on my back, stood on the balcony in my appartment and faced my city, Leiden. So you see what I see most days. Some who see our balcony wouldn't consider it very beautiful, with the tools and ladder and so on, while others wouldn't consider all the flats around us as very beautiful and neither do I, if I am seeing beauty only as form. What I find beautiful about where I live is that I can easily walk or cycle to where I need to be and that we can use our small balcony for working on new art projects."

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