Sunday, 24 October 2010

pauline seijffert - leiden, netherlands

the first images are starting to come in from sonja van kerkhoff's project in leiden. to remind you, she displayed 20+ selected images from the project so far in the window of her working gallery in leiden, from where she gave out the same amount of magnet packs to the first people who responded to her call-out. the resulting images would then also be displayed in the window - offering a comparitive vision of the project.

so, the first of those images comes courtesy of pauline seijffert and is accompanied by the following text.

The photo was taken from the balcony at the top of the V&D department store in Leiden. I like this place because you have an overview over a part of the city. For this photo I chose the part of the bridge between the Aalmarkt and the Apothekersdijk, because that's where Sonja has her studio at the moment. One of the irritating things of Leiden are the seagulls, that's why there is one in the photo as well.

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