Saturday, 18 September 2010

anna falcini - leominster, uk

many thanks to anna falcini for submitting her symbolic marker between urban and rural, as she explains...  

The photograph was taken in Leominster, Herefordshire, which, is a rural market town.
The particular location is on an old iron bridge which crosses a small river. The pathway leads on to an historic part of Leominster, The Priory Church, which has clusters of old buildings leading up to it.
It is a place I walk often, or cycle. The bridge is for pedestrians only and there is this iron pillar placed centrally at the end of the bridge to stop bicycles but people squeeze their bikes through the gap and consequently the pillar's dome has become scratched by the handlebars of bicycles. I love the inadvertant mark making that has occurred, a layering of the history of movement over this bridge.
I have seen kingfishers fly below the bridge, swans move serenely downstream, seen rats at the shoreline and once saw an otter dive down in the water which was truly magical. It is a threshold between town and country, an ancient boundary.

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