Saturday, 18 September 2010

sonja van kerkhoff - leiden, netherlands

sonja van kerkhoff, who is currently hosting There is Beauty in the City:Leiden has sent some images giving an overview of her activities - more to follow!

This photo shows both the magnet bearing the text as well as the shop-studio I'm using in my city for the exhibition on the Aalmarkt, a street that has been a shopping location in Leiden since the middle ages. Here I am 'selling' not only the idea of beauty but that beauty is in the eye of the beholder as demonstated by the diversity of the photographs displayed in the window. 
The first row are photographs chosen by Glen Stoker of photographs from around the world and the second row will grow during the exhibition as artists add their image of what is beauty in Leiden." 
More photos are here:

sonja's main enterprise in her empty shop unit involves the making and installation of Kāinga a roto (Home Within) a structure which will house a series of video pieces. Find out more at 
the firstframes for the installation Kāinga a roto

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