Monday, 28 March 2011

Beauty in the City: March visit to Lincoln

This month I have popped across to Lincoln to see what counts as Beauty there.
Lincoln seems to be a difficult place to get to and also to leave - we had a few problems getting the train back home on the Sunday, but apart from that the city was really beautiful.
One of the things we noticed was how many independent shops there are in the city.
Especially in the Steep Hill area (and yes, the hill lives up to its name.)This sweet shop sold selections of sweets from different eras - and there was a little bar that came down when the shop was too full of children.The there was a little arts and crafts shop which had a very pertinent notice in the window. I was very aware during the day wandering around Lincoln that in London thousands of artists were joining the March for the Alternative - and in many ways I felt perhaps I should have been there. So this may have been why I was picking up on notices like this - and also I liked that Lincoln had a Speakers Corner.Lincoln is also well known for its canal - The Fossdyke is thought to be the oldest man-made navigation in the country, so we thought we would go down and have a look at the Brayford Pool - a naturally occurring pool where the canal meets the River Witham, and take a walk along the canal to see the life going on there.
What is really beautiful is the way the boaters each take care of their outdoor space - creating lovely gardens all along the canal walk.One of my favourites is this 'outsider art' style garden - featuring Twyfords decorative toilet and gnomes.The visit was finished off with a delicious cream tea at Stokes Cafe, a wonderful mock tudor building overlooking the river.

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