Sunday, 13 March 2011

There is Beauty in the City: la conversación - #4

No. 4 in a series of conversations with Bilbao and PhotoArteKomite's Igor Calvo.
alhóndiga from iparraguirre street

It is true that, in those cities sharing an industrial past, there is a longing or sort of melancholy set up in the collective mentality of their citizens with respect to "those years of work, production, development and progress" of the city (despite the huge abuses committed in labor and environmental issues we still could not get rid of completely).

However, it is also true that we must overcome this nostalgia and look forward to a futureof work, production, development and progress”, without ties and having learned from the mistakes of the past.

The new Alhóndiga Bilbao is a good example of that. Maintaining the original structure of one of the most representative buildings in Bilbao, the old industrial wine warehouse (more than 100 years old, remained empty from the 70’s) has been reborn to become a great culture and leisure centre, transcending its walls to spread the surrounding streets with new designs and structures that invite us to rethink about the streets as a collective and creative spaces.

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