Wednesday, 7 March 2012

there is beauty in the city - the conversation - #20

no. 20 in the ongoing conversation between Igor and Glen


Even though history tends to personalize in individual figures both the successes and failures of a country, a city…sometimes it’s the community the one who takes the credit for achieving something good.

In the modern history of Bilbao, we find a really good example of how the collective spirit and the feelings of belonging and loyalty to a club by a whole city, have managed to maintain among the most important professional football teams a club comprise solely, since its creation more than one hundred years ago, by basque players: the Athletic of Bilbao.

Itzi and Imanol, along with 40,000 people at San Mames and hundreds of miles more at their homes or in the streets, stuck to their radios or TVs; they all are, concerning the Athletic of Bilbao, just one figure, just one spirit who keeps on making the impossible happen. 

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