Monday, 12 March 2012

there is beauty in the city - the conversation - #22

a reply from Igor Calvo

It is true that Athletic of Bilbao is capable to turn a whole city and its county into just one being for carrying shoulder-high the team towards victory (for instance, as it happened last Thursday in Old Trafford which for a moment or so, looked like San Mames); however, it’s just football. Although, it is also true that the pride and the feeling of belonging to the city is virtually unanimous and makes the citizen of Bilbao to, sometimes, verge on chauvinism.
Even though, I’d dare to say the feeling of pride and belonging it is also shared for the citizens of that “geographical entity” known as Gran Bilbao: one of the biggest metropolitan areas of Spain, comprises of more than 20 independent town councils but committed to work together for their development.
But then, a real problem could emerge: the one that could make the big, leading city, to monopolize the most part of the human, economical or cultural resources; as, for example, we can check if we make a brief comparison to the cultural agendas of Bilbao and the rest of the town halls of the Gran Bilbao.
Unity, yes of course; diversity and balance, of course too.

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