Thursday, 22 May 2008

michael callan - stoke-on-trent 4

Yes, some more images from Michael Callan, who has been wandering the city with his new camera. He has provided descriptions for why he finds each particular spots special.
Library Limestone: The staircase in The Central Library, Hanley, is finished in polished Crinoidal Limestone. These creatures, related to star fish and sea urchins but resembling some corals, lived in shallow tropical seas up to 350 million years ago. Ancient building materials for a modern building.

Fountains: Hanley Park from Avenue Road
Number 1 Adventure Place: Ever since I could read I’ve coveted this address. Wouldn’t it be wild to say you lived here?

Pagoda? : The Potteries Centre Car Park
This area once composed of three large spoil heaps (yes three) from Hanley Deep Pit dominated the view from several of my childhood homes. 'The Hollies' were composed of predominantly black shale with some red shale and littered with burning tarred rope ends (don’t know why) which children were told were weird smoky snakes that would eat through your feet if you strayed onto the slopes. When the Aberfan disaster happened they became even more grim and brooding. Below are illustrations of the contrast between that past and this present.
Birches Head: View from the top of the Forest Park with Birches Head in the foreground and Eaton Park in the background. The reverse of the view from my teenage bedroom window.
Etruria and Hartshill: The low part of the forest park in the foreground then Hanley Etruria and Hartshill. Concealed in the haze Keele which can be seen on clear days.
Tunstall: The view of Tunstall from the top.

Skate Plaza: Now I know where to find my son at any time during the weekend.

Moorhens 1 & 2: On The Forest Park Lake which prior to regeneration was an area of gullies and pools where local children would trespass and go dipping for newts and frogs. (Sorry Mum)

Steel Tree: The new approach to the Forest Park.
Steel and Real: See above.
Steel and Real 2: ditto
Thanks so much to Mike for his absolutely fantastic response to the project.

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