Thursday, 1 May 2008

dave bethell - stoke-on-trent

AirSpace Director Dave Bethell has been out and about, armed with his mobile phone and one of the Beauty in the City Magnets, here are his Beauty spots:This one is the Bethesda Chapel Garden, which has recently been renovated, and is now a great community space. Dave says this reminds him of the Longhouse professional artist's development programme he went on during November, 2007. This was a brilliant opportunity involving 11 artists visiting Stoke-on-Trent with a view to coming up with proposals for art which responds to the public realm spaces of the city - the artists proposals can be seen via the Longhouse website, and the publication to document the event will be launched at AirSpace on May 16th.

The three images above were taken at the Victoria Hall on Wednesday, 30th April - during the One City event. This involved some great community engagements, as well as a chance to watch video art by some fantastic local and international artists. Dave has found parts of the hall which he feels are beautiful and then you can see Colin from Axis Festival, and Katie May Shipley and Andrew Branscombe from AirSpace.

This is Dave's girlfriends posterior. Good work Dave - good idea to use your mobile phone!

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