Wednesday, 14 May 2008

kate lynch - stoke-on-trent

Kate Lynch has sent in four images of the Campbell road allotments which she describes as definitely her favourite place in the city. She says
'The images show the contrast between the urban environment and the allotment plot, for example the use of plastic orange roadwork mesh to support runner beans!'


Rachel said...

I am totally with Kate on this. Allotments are fantastic beauty spots and there should be more. I was fascinated to hear about the 'digging for victory' effort during the war, that turned half of Hanley Park over to vegetable growing. Even though the parks are beautiful places already, they could be so much more if we were a little more adventurous with our growing!

Anna Francis said...

Yes, it's strange really, but Katie May Shipley has also included the allotments on wellesley street. I love Kate's point about recycling. Thanks for the thoughts Rachel.