Wednesday, 14 May 2008

michael callan - stoke-on-trent 2

The one above shows the green fist grafitti, which can be seen from the canal - and also when taking the train into Stoke from the West.
This one is the toddlers' play area in Hanley Park which Michael says of this one 'I liked this because the water motif on the fence reminded me that when I was a toddler in the early sixties this area was a paddling pool.'
The above (Steel Arch) and below (Steel Graffiti) images are taken of the sculpture outside of the Kings hall in Stoke, by Artist Liz Lemon.

'Sweet Knives' was found on the railway bridge that goes over where the Green fist is.
'The narrow straight alley at the rear of Twyfords running from the canal towpath near the Etruria Industrial Museum to Garner Street. The end is hidden behind trees so not many know it's there.'
And 'Buds of May.'
Above is 'Twyford's Back Alley, and below is 'White Star - Stoke' which was taken on the day the pub opened, Kingsway Stoke (formerly The Gordon.)

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