Wednesday, 11 May 2011

there is beauty in the city : bilbao - the exhibition

After the windfall of images of Bilbao over the last few weeks - nearly 150 in total - the tv coverage, the video testimonials, there is beauty in the city : Bilbao - the exhibition will open at the Sala Rekalde gallery in central Bilbao.

The exhibition, which will be the project's 5th and second in Spain, will feature prints of three selected images from the near 150. The three images have each been selected in response to the City of Bilbao in terms of its past, its present and its future. There are also plans to show each and every submitted image in the form of a looped film.

The exhibition will open on Tuesday, 17th May and will run for a week.

the gallery is a space dedicated to promoting and raising awareness of contemporary artistic practice. Ever since rekalde was set up in 1991, it has specialised in looking at contemporary art produced in Spain and abroad through initiatives that reflect the debates that are the focus of art today. rekalde sees itself as an environment in which it is possible to draw together all the key aspects related to the meaning of artistic production, the various ways in which art is presented and represented, and its ability to enter into dialogue with different publics. rekalde is divided into two spaces, enabling it to fulfil its resolve to approach its various undertakings—including exhibitions, projects to present certain works, debates, video screenings, talks and publications—at the appropriate pace. It is an institution committed to learning through experience and aims to serve as a forum for all those who want to take part in the debate on the various languages of culture.

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