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there is beauty in the city bilbao - the selections.

There were about 140 entries to There is Beauty in the City : Bilbao and from the start, Ph'a'ke's Igor and Susana, the exhibition organisers planned to select three images to print. The images would represent the past, the present and the future. Here are those three images, along with the texts supplied by the artists and the reasons for selection.


Intervention #37

Author: Elena Llanos
Place: Zorrozaurre

Elana wrote: Beauty is not only in determined places, there are no places more beautiful than others, I think it has to do with our sensations in each moment and what a place reminds us with. It can be in an emotion, a feeling, a memory that becomes to fruition in the places we live in.  Many times it is far away form the places established as nice, out of the postcards. They are our places, where we resort in searching of what make us feel good or give us pleasure.
The photo is taken in Zorrozaurre's bank. It's a place where time seems to have stopped. It is linked to the river, as I think Bilbao is.

selection criteria: Bilbao has always been a city closely linked to its estuary, a city with a strong industry tendency that had its zenith in the times of industrialization, when to the margins of their everlasting estuary came ships load with countless goods and stuff to land them on the docks at the edge of the Nervión.
But the city left behind this time to change once again, and from an industrial city it has become a city of services.
However, we can still find traces of that past, as that crane placed in an old dock that remains as a milestone and a witness of a city that left behind its industrial infrastructure.


Intervention #33

Author: Rodrigo Fuentealba
Place:  R.A.G.'s building.

Rodrigo wrote: I have chosen this place because it is a building that is going to disappear from the urban landscape.

From sustainability point of view, it is worth mentioning the high energy cost that will be used for its demolition, adding the cost generated by the construction of a new building in its place. I think it is in good conditions and it has many possibilities to be reused.

From patrimonial point of view, is a representative building of Rationalist Architecture of Bilbao Ensanche. It is a work of Diego de Basterra, former Architect of Bizkaia Diputación. He was one of the men who helped making up the city look nowadays we know.  Apparently, politic-financial power together with property speculation have finally obtained its architectural importance reclassification by relevant organisms and authorities, removing any kind of legal protection category, being able to erase it definitely form day to day landscape. 

Taking into account that, such industrial architecture collection, besides  being included in patrimonial routes as part of the modern movement, in its moment was contemplated the possibility of installing there a modern art museum, and in the last years it was suggested to reuse it like flats, failing both ideas.  
But in sum, unfortunately it is today one more example of the destruction of our city historical memory, opposite to the fearless glance and voice of everybody.

Selection criteriaThe RAG building still remains as an example and witness of the problems and unresolved issues that a city like Bilbao, in many aspects still in transition, must face.
Factory and gas station, with no space and no place in the future of Bilbao, still an example of the buildings from such an important time in the history of the city, is waiting for its demolition. Even if we do not know when it could happen, given the uncertain economic days to which we face.
In any case, it appears that the time is over for the RAG, leaving the building in a limbo of difficult balance until the time of his disappearance arrives. Another industrial element that will give way to a new element in the race to create a new city.


Intervention #81

Author: Erica Liquete

Place: Casco Viejo

Erica wrote: I have always spent a lot of time in the Botxo, although I am not from Bilbao.

However, since some weeks ago, I can say I am from Bilbao, and more specifically from Casco Viejo.

That is why I have chosen this photo, as it was taken from the balcony of my new home.
I've got lots of favourite places, but this one represents my new life stage.

Selection criteria: If something seems almost an impossible task, it is to show in a single image the future of a city. How to show something that has not taken place? How to illustrate what lies ahead?
If we would have to start somewhere, we should begin by saying that the future of Bilbao will be the one its citizens want it to be. But for that, you need a young city, which attracts more and more people with its prospects for future opportunities to fill the city with their hopes and dreams.
After several decades during which the city experienced a population loss drip, Bilbao is today, once again, an attractive city that increases its number of citizens each year and does it, moreover, attracting more and more people at heart of the city.

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